Hey bro…ccolli

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I frigging love vegetables. Even nearly-discoloured ones which were on sale and I couldn’t bear to see them waste away. So I bought these broccollis (what’s plural for broccolli? Broccollies? Broccs? Brocci?) and took them to a good home.

I had them in the fridge and forgot about them for 2 days. 2 whole days. It kinda defeated the purpose of buying them in the first place but I didn’t really feel like eating them yet. So I remembered reading online that you can freeze broccolli (and cauliflower etc) as long as you semi-blanche them before freezing. Apparently if you freeze them as they are, they taste really bitter when you’re ready to eat them. And I don’t think I’m a fan of bitter veg so I took the less lazy, more fussy-but-totally-worth-it route and decided to blanche my brocci.

You need:

  • Broccolli, cut and separated into little cute florets
  • A deep saucepan
  • 500ml water
  • 1 tbsp salt to taste

You need to:

  1. Add salt to the water and bring to a boil
  2. Make sure the water is vigorously boiling then add the mini broccolli
  3. Cover and leave for 2 minutes or you can stupidly dip your hand in and put a scorching hot one in your mouth (I didn’t do that). It should still have a little crunch to it
  4. Scoop it out and drain it unto a sieve and run cold water all over it for 2 minutes. Or you could leave it in a bowl with ice cold water and ice blocks to stop it cooking and to keep its colour and taste fresh
  5. Drain the broccolli and put them in little freezer bags depending on how much you need for next time.

Excuse my messy freezer

When you do need it, just pop it in the microwave for 1 minute et voila!

Do you have any quick tips on preserving vegetables?

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Hello, I’m Aisha and I am a foodaholic. If weight gain does not correlate with food intake, my whole life would be about food. I’d eat (more of) it, breathe it, swim (although I can’t swim) in it, drown (since I can’t swim) in it. I’d speak the language of food and my body would be food. I’d probably end up eating myself. My brain is occupied with food thoughts 84.74% of the time. If I didn’t go running at least 4 times a week like I do now then I’d definitely be 90kg or 14 stones or 1000000 stones or more. And I wish I didn’t care because I’d be the happiest fattest person ever as long as I eat good food. So welcome to the virtual food side of my brain and let’s get virtually fat together.

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