Creamy sorbet or Ice-y cream? Pear + Cherry sorbcream.

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Do you think it’s possible to outgrow ice cream? Is 21 too old to crave ice cream? Can you ever be too old to get excited when you hear the ice cream man drive his ice cream and melodies around the neighbourhood?

I’ve noticed that the older we get, the more sophisticated our tastes get (or we like to think so) and the more aware and concerned we are about what is in the foods we eat. I know fo sho that the only reason I won’t have ice cream regularly is because of all the ‘bad’ stuff in it. Double cream, full-fat milk, egg yolk, sugar and more extra stuff. My arteries can’t handle all that. And my waist size is way too precious for a mere 3 minutes of culinary pleasure. But everyone knows that:

Sorbet is basically adult ice cream.

As adults we become snobs to the joys of childhood but deep down, we crave those things we enjoyed when we were kids. Which is why I created the best of both worlds. Ice cream AND sorbet. It combines the icey freshness from the sorbet with the smooth creaminess of the ice cream. I added the cherries at the last minute because I felt that it added character to the sorbcream; the pear flavour was delish but it was kinda incomplete like a joke with no punch line.

Note: This recipe might contradict what I said because it probably contains twice the amount of calories in ice cream but it was super delicious and YOLO. Also, it takes almost 24 hours to make -freezer time and all-  but trust me, the wait is worth every mouthful.

You will need:

  • 100ml single cream
  • 100 ml double cream
  • 1tbsp cream of tartar
  • 100g sugar*
  • 1 tsp vanilla paste
  • 4 pears, peeled and quatered
  • 500ml water
  • 100g sugar
  • 1 lemon juice
  • 2 tbsp lemon liqueur
  • 2 tbsp Amarena cherries in syrup

You need to:

  1. Boil the water, sugar, pears and lemon juice for 15 minutes or until the water becomes syrup and the pear becomes soft.
  2. Whilst the pears are boiling, whisk the single and double cream with the cream of tartar and sugar until fluffy-looking.
  3. Cool the pear mixture for 20 minutes then pour into a blender with the cream mixture and lemon liqueur until there is a minimal amount of pear chunks left.
  4. Pour in a metal bowl and put in the freezer. After an hour, the sides of the mixture should be a bit icey. Use a whisk to mix everything together then leave overnight or for 12 hours.

5. Take it out of the freezer and leave to thaw for 20 minutes then blend. If it’s still too solid to blend, leave for 5 or 10 more minutes. Mine looked like this after blending:

6. Put it back in the freezer for 2 hours , take out and whisk then put it back in the freezer for another 2 hours. After 2 hours, add the cherries and mix with a fork so you see the beautiful ripples, then put back in the freezer (finally!) for 6 hours.

7. After 6 hours, leave for a few minutes then scoop what you need then put the rest back into the freezer. It melts super quick!


I only realised towards the end of my munching that this sorbcream goes SO well with ice cream waffle cones crumbled all over it. Yum!

* Adjustments: If I was to make it again, I would use 25g sugar instead of 100g to the cream. I felt the sorbcream was too sweet and I couldn’t really taste the delicate pear flavour. Also, I think both the lemon juice and lemon liqueur masked the pear taste so I would use one or the other.

Do you prefer sorbet or ice cream? What’s your flavour?

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