Restaurant crawl: 3-course meal at 3 different restaurants

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You know how people go on pub crawls for the sake of getting totally ‘wankered’? Myself and my little sister (Zu) decided to go on a restaurant crawl around where we live. Seriously it was a tough decision. We’d been planning it for quite sometime now which meant that we’d thought about it long and hard but problem is that we’re probably the most indecisive people in the world.

Our plan:

To have our different meal courses at completely different restaurants. We ended up trying a little bit of each restaurant’s food instead of totally committing to one restaurant and its menu limitations. On average we spent almost the same amount we’d spend on a 3-course meal in one restaurant anyways including drinks- £25.

Starter: Strada
Strada is an Italian restaurant that serves amazingly fresh food (what Italian restaurant doesn’t?) and we chose it because we’re both fans of their food. Problem is we know specifically what we want when we go to Strada so every time we go there we ALWAYS order the same thing; bruschetta topped with caramelised onions and pepper sprinkled with goats cheese or the breaded and fried olives stuffed with beef and pork for me and clam soup with chilli and parsley for Zu. But it was time for things to change (food empowerment and all). So I broke all the boundaries and went for the Funghi Timo E Crema which was basically a traditional northern Italian recipe of seasonal mushrooms sautéed in a garlic,cream, porcini & thyme sauce on grilled polenta. I was excited because I’d never had polenta EVER. It was very well presented and I couldn’t wait to tuck in but when I did, I was disappointed. The whole thing was bland and lacked flavour and the polenta was just a hot grainy mess. Sometimes it best to be safe than take risks when it comes to food.


Zu went for the Napoletana which was a basket of hand-stretched pizza bread topped with tomato sauce, anchovies, capers and olives. It was delicious, I particularly liked the thin and crispy base, the saltiness of the anchovies and the acidity of the capers. I wish mine started that good! We paid our bill and left the waitress a bit confused because who goes to a restaurant at 1pm on a weekday just to eat starters?

Main meals: The Warehouse Grill
This place was so cosy and beautifully designed, I can’t believe in all my years of living in this town I’ve never even walked into this hidden treasure. I was still a bit hungry because of my disappointing starter so we ordered the honey, soy and chilli baby back ribs. They tasted Indian-y and we could taste the strong flavours from the dry rub which they seasoned the ribs with. For some reason I always expect ribs to be totally drenched in sweet and sticky BBQ sauce à la TGI Fridays. Damn me and my high expectations! We also ordered a cocktail called A Little Piece of Heaven which contained Malibu, crème de peche, cranberry, orange & pineapple juice. It was so refreshing (everyone knows that I have a thing for anything fruity) but I would’ve liked a bit more Malibu in it. When we were paying they told us that students get 10% off drinks so should’ve totally gotten more drinks in our system…


The main meal took ages to arrive but came at a good time just as our stomachs were rumbling. I had a big fat burger; rump steak burger, smoked bacon, matured cheddar cheese, french fries and Tiptree ketchup. I’ve been craving real good meat for so long and I wasn’t disappointed! You could tell that the meat was genuinely fresh by the taste, the smell and the look of it. Suck on that McDonalds!



Zu was a vegetarian for two years but she broke it a couple of weeks ago because she missed the taste of meat, so funny! And since then she’d been craving sausages so she ordered the award winning Cumberland ring, mashed potatoes, shallots, Guinness & tomato gravy and fresh vegetables. She loved it! The sausage was extra fresh I just wanted to hug the chef and the restaurant people and whole plate! Only problem was that there was a bit too much gravy.


Dessert: Café Rouge
One of my best friends gave me a £10 voucher to use in Café Rouge so who wouldn’t want free (for me) desserts?! Like I’ve mentioned before I’m a sucker for anything light and fruity so of course I went for the safe option of a lemon and raspberry sorbet. Just what my taste buds needed!


Zu on the other hand is more of a chocolate lover so she went for the Gauffre Belle-Hélène which was sweet vanilla waffle topped with white chocolate ice cream with a warm poached Williams pear and a rich chocolate sauce. The ice cream was so sweet, smooth and creamy and the pear really complimented the whole dessert. She thought the waffles were a bit too crunchy though but all in all it was marvellous (her words not mine)!


We actually had fun! It was really nice to eat somewhere, walk somewhere else and eat something completely different, we must’ve lost a few calories!

Have you ever done a restaurant crawl? What kind of places did you visit and what did you have?

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