Super citrusy summer drink: Lemon, lime, mint, baobab + watermelon

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You wouldn’t believe how hot the past few weeks have been in London. Really really hot like ‘I’m stuck in this sauna and I can’t get out’ kinda hot. Due to the heat I’ve cut down on using the cooker or oven so less cooking and baking for me, more salads, smoothies and juices (see below or check out my instagram for the detailed recipes).


I’m officially a blending enthusiast. Words can’t describe how such a basic piece of machinery can make me so happy; I just have to throw in every and any fruit or vegetable I can find, some water, maybe ice and I’m done. Drinking my nutrients never felt so good and easy.

Ps. If you haven’t noticed, the heat also makes me very lazy.


This delicious juice has everything amazing you can think of: water, watermelon and mint for their refreshing qualities and lemon, baobab fruit [it has 6 times more vitamin C than oranges – check out] and lime for their sharp citrusy taste. Besides the taste, this juice is a great way to stay hydrated. It is also packed with antioxidants which act as an incredible detoxifier/cleanser, contributes to your skin health and is perfect for smokers or as a hangover cure. Basically, Vitamin C is magic.

I normally drink this first thing in the morning or right before I go to bed so I wake up feeling refreshed. Seriously give it a try.



  • 500 ml cold water
  • Juice of 3 lemons
  • Juice of 2 limes
  • 3 tbsps baobab fruit pulp powder
  • Watermelon (as much as you want)
  • 3 tsps honey



Freeze the water using nitrogen ice.

Make a lemon syrup.

Bake the watermelon.

I’m kidding.

Simply blend all the ingredients together, add some ice if you want and enjoy! I can imagine it tastes lovely as a cocktail too, just add some rum to it.


Do you have any tips or drink suggestions for hot summer days like these?

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2 thoughts on “Super citrusy summer drink: Lemon, lime, mint, baobab + watermelon”

  1. This looks lovely! I use boabab oil in some of my skincare recipes. I never realized you can use the powder!
    I like a simple filtered water with a stick of rosemary and fresh lemon juice


    • Thank you! I actually sometimes use the fruit powder in a face mask; oats, honey, egg yolk, baobab powder and yoghurt. Apply, leave for 10 minutes then wash off. My skin always feels extra smooth after that.

      The fruit dries naturally on the branch so when you crack open the fruit pod (kinda looks like a cacao pod), it’s all dry inside. So the dried pulp is just sieved to get the powder. It also doesn’t need any additives or preservatives so it’s 100% natural. Such an amazing superfruit.


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